Blazing Beauty is a glamorous bouquet of flowers that brightens your home and gives joy to the people around you.

Blazing Beauty

£39.99 £37.99
Dazzling Sunshine Giftbox will lighten up your dark days and gives love to the people around us.

Sunshine Giftbox

£40.99 £37.99
A vibrant bundle of blooms with all the fun of the carnival. Enjoy flowers at their brightest!

Carnival Gift Bag

£39.99 £37.99
Elizabeth bouquet has the sense to brighten our day to start with a beautiful smile. Make our mood positive and share our happiness with other people around us.


Timeless Whites this simple but classical arrangement makes a lovely gift. Send this white combination to make every celebration more delightful.

Timeless Whites

£49.99 £45.99
The classic Valentine’s bouquet of twelve red roses is as popular as ever. These beautiful velvety red roses speaks love and devotion like no other flower can!

12 Red Roses

Wild About You bouquet demonstrates your feelings to a person to tell them how much you love them. It includes red roses, germini, oriental lilies and wild natural foliage.

Wild About You

£50.99 £48.99
A simple yet ultimately romantic bouquet for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Six gorgeous red roses hand tied with care and delivered with love.

6 Red Roses

Pearly White is a shining pearl bouquet with white lilies and roses.  It will surely shine and cheer you up and bring peace and happiness as we journey in life.

Pearly White

Remy floral gift designed by our skilled florists. Perfect to give and make our beloved family and friends to be the happiest persons on earth.


£44.99 £40.99
Jewel is a beautiful bouquet with the layers of the purple Jewel. It has an attractive scents make this bouquet lovable. The colour purple is very impressive in the overall beauty of this bouquet.


£48.99 £44.99
Mayflower is a pleasing bouquet that has gradient and brave mixed colours of flowers. This precious bouquet is extraordinary when it comes to occasions.


White roses can also symbolize a new beginning and everlasting love. Show your purest love to your partner this Valentine’s Day with this stunning bouquet.

12 White Roses

£58.99 £54.98
Autumn Splendour brings you all the lovely shades of orange in one arrangement. Get this beautiful bouquet just in time for the autumn festivities.

Autumn Splendour

£46.99 £43.99

Things Our Customers Say

About Plumstead Florists

With so many reasons to celebrate, flower delivery in the UK is still going strong. Many people turn to online flower delivery to send floral gifts to their loved ones making UK florists essential to any village and town. Anywhere you go, you are sure to find a UK florist selling beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements.

The daily life of a florist is not a walk in the park. If the florist is an independent local florist, he or she wears many hats to run the shop. Florists do not only make arrangements for their customers. They also arrange their displays of plants and flowers to attract people to the shop. Part of a florist's job is to keep the shop attractive and tidy at all times.

A UK florist must also act as a salesperson. He or she must talk to customers to help with their needs and choose flowers and plants to buy for themselves or send as a gift. Besides the walk-in customers, there are also online flower orders to think about. Lastly, there are clients for events and weddings. Large events and functions need the help of assistants and other florists in the shop to fulfil the requirements on time.

Occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries require flowers in perfect condition. A UK florist sees to it that all flowers used in making bouquets and arrangements for funerals are fresh and clean. They also make sure to follow the customers' requests and provide excellent service.

Part of being a creative florist in the UK is learning new skills like wiring and presentation. Floristry is always evolving that is why it is a must for a florist UK to take classes from experts and training from accredited centres.

We are proud to say that The Flower Shops Network is made of florists in the UK. Our UK florists pay great attention to detail and will work with you to give you the best flowers from their shops. They will not only hand-deliver flowers the same day, but they will also teach you how to properly care for your flowers.

Our florists are all passionate about flowers and plants. They are all creative and experts in making different floral arrangements. Most of all, they are dedicated to delivering fantastic floral products at the best price.

Our florists offer same-day flower delivery. Often, our local florist will personally deliver the order to the recipient. They want to ensure the right person receives them in the best condition. Our florists also accept and fulfil online flower delivery orders from The Flower Shops.


Being a UK florist is far from what people would expect. It takes a lot of work to be one. During occasions like Mother's Day and Christmas, expect florists to up at the crack of dawn and start setting up the shop to work on orders. Florists in the UK are used to long days during the busy season and they are sure to deliver beyond expectations every time.

A Little History Of Plumstead Florists

The florists at Crimson Rose are a passionate group, and take inspiration from the nature and city around them, and the local history we are so proud of. Flowers and the natural world are essential, not only to preserve the past, but also to ensure the future.  We want to take this opportunity to provide a brief history of the local area and some of the flowers, and florists, that inspire us.

Plumstead is part of South East London, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and is part of the historic county of Kent. Formed in 1965 as a result of the London Government Act 1963, the London Borough of Greenwich covers the former area of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich and part of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich. The Greenwich prime meridian is located here, and it is on this that all Coordinated Universal Time is based. The designation GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, began because of the prime meridian running through the Greenwich Observatory, and is the basis for all world times. As a result of this Greenwich was the only UK destination to be voted in the top ten global destination’s in 2012. It was in the same year that Greenwich became a Royal Borough partly due to historic links to the Royal Family and because of its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as home of the Prime Meridian.

Despite being in a metropolis such as London, Plumstead and the Royal Borough of Greenwich have a varied history, with close ties to the natural world and some excellent examples of parks and nature reserves which enhance and promote local flowers, not to mention inspire artisanal florists. Therefore, it seems apt to start with Plumstead Common. The common was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, and the name refers to the place where plums grow. As the Industrial Revolution grew at pace in the 19th century much of the local land was being sold to provide housing for migrant workers, and the arrival of the railways only increased the speed of this process. So the people of Plumstead protested that they had historic rights to graze livestock on the common, and to use it as a place for recreation and sport. Eventually, there were riots which led to the 1878 Plumstead Common Act, which ensured that 100 acres would remain a public space forever. Locals make good use of the common today, and it is a beautiful sight when the flowers are in bloom, attracting flower lovers and florists looking for inspiration in crowds surpassed only by the pollinators attracted by the aroma of the plants and flowers.

South East London is awash with green spaces, giving local residents and tourists open and friendly green spaces which provide some tranquillity within the bustling city. In addition to providing oases of calm, these green spaces also highlight the diversity of local flowers and wildlife, and help to educate the public as to the importance of ecology and the environment. A prime example of this is Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park. Located on the banks of the River Thames the park reflects the original marshland found on the site and provides a haven for various species of birds, plants, bugs and flowers, and is an effective curb to urban sprawl. It was completed in 2000 and the 11 hectare site is half terrestrial and half aquatic. It is a florists dream, providing perfect examples of local flowers and endless inspiration in the crowded city.

We are confident that we have the bouquet, or flower, for any occasion, and want to share our inspiration and passion as local, artisanal florists with you.


Things our Customers Say

Jake Easterbrook

March 2020

Ordered a bunch of flowers for my Fiancèe today, 6 Lost Kisses, and it arrived perfectly and ever so quickly to her. The flowers that I ordered were better than the picture on the website! They are truly amazing and worth every single penny!. I would highly recommend this Florist if you are looking to treat someone. Perfect thanks!
Jan Hildrow

August 27, 2020

Just a short email to let you know my relative was overwhelmed with the flowers. She said they were the best ever she had ever received. Many thanks



January 2020

Thank you for the beautiful wreath you made for me for my friends funeral. Well worth every penny. Thank you again
Gail Minty

August 2019

I had a bouquet delivered from the Flower Shop this morning and it was absolutely gorgeous and presented beautifully. Highly recommended.

We Promise

Flowers Authentically Made

The Flower Shop network is one of the best producers of bouquets in the United Kingdom. All the florists who make up the bouquets as you see them on the site are well-experienced designers, and your bouquets are in expert hands when you order from us. We are committed to provide you the freshest flowers that are guaranteed to make the receiver of your flowers happy. 


Long-lasting Freshness

We offer a guaranteed 7-day freshness. With this, we are certain that our flowers are well-received. And if you are not entirely satisfied, we will resend fresh flowers or refund your money, whichever you prefer. Guaranteed 100% fresh and clean flowers will be delivered safely to your recipient and can last for days. For tips on how to care for your flowers after delivery, you may visit our blog and read our flower care guide to make sure that your flowers receive all the care they need.

Passion For Flowers

Flower Academy

Magazine logo

Being knowledgeable about flowers is a good thing. You may not be engaged in floriculture industry or a cut-flower industry, but having awareness about flowers is a great starting point for you to adore them. Reading helpful articles to learn about how flowers are grown and are being cared for. Read our flower magazine to gain a better understanding of the significance of flowers, not just to anyone but to the whole world. 

Care Tips

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Every day, we can see beautiful flowers wherever we go. We can’t help but admire how beautiful these colourful petals bloom and how vibrant they look. Do you know how these magnificent blossoms are taken care of? Why is their beauty so bewitching? Read our flower care tips and let yourself be guided on how your cut flowers should be cared go to make them last longer.


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