Crimson Rose flower care tips

Flourishing Ideas

Crimson Rose has a lot of flower variations that are used in designing and creating flower arrangements. We recommend you to have mixed flower bouquet as it is a well-known arrangement in the flower industry. Aside from recommending you our beautiful flowers, we also give some pieces of advice and some helpful care tips on how to take good care of your flowers.

Guide and Tips to care flowers:

Change Water every day

Flowers need a lot of water! They drink water every day so the vase should have clean water all the time. Maintain the vase with full of water to prevent flowers from drying out and wilting. Flowers are also very susceptible to bacteria which grow in the water as stems. It is important to change the water in your vase every day because it keeps the flowers’ freshness stay longer. It can also avoid the awful rotting scentthat come with the long period of storage.

Remove the dry and dead part

When the stem is drying out and the cells are dying, it makes the flowers to hardly absorb the water. That is why you have to cut the stem before putting it again on the vase so that the new stem will efficiently absorb the water. If you find some dry leaves and stems, you should remove them because dead leaves and stems may affect the other parts of the flowers.

Maintain good temperature

Put your flowers away from the direct heat of the sun. Keep them in a place with good temperature. Flowers have a lot of similarities with human skin, both are sensitive to a very hot environment. You have to keep your flowers away from the extreme temperature that causes the flowers to dry and their colours to fade.

Don't put it beside a ripening fruit

A ripening fruit provides a fragrant intangible gas known as ethylene. The gas is not harmful to humans but it is dangerous to flowers. The concept behind it is that, in the world of plants, flowers are the precursors of fruit. When a flower becomes pollinated, it becomes a fruit so that it can form seeds and re-enter a plant life cycle. Ethylene is the gaseous substance in the fruit which makes the flower petals to fall. As the fruit ripens, ethylene is still produced.

Wash the Vase

Germs grow in dirty vases that is why it is always essential to wash your vase regularly. Before you add water, the vase is again packed with bacteria. They are the same bacteria that killed the last bouquet and they are targeting now your new bouquet. Give your flowers a new, dry, bacteria-free environment that will last a long period.

Cut it with Sharp

Using a dull darkened scissor in cutting the stem of the flower can damage its tissues and cells. It should always be noted to use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors in cutting a stem because damaged cells are unable to quickly absorb water unlike healthy cells. Furthermore, sharp scissors ensure that the cells are cleanly cut.

Keep Away from Toxic

Flowers are also sensitive to toxic environment. You have to keep your flowers away from smokes and pesticides because they harm your blooms.Flowers are somewhat like humans, they also need fresh and clean air. Dirty and polluted environment may kill your flowers so always keep them away from a toxic place.
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